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25/09/2023 11:29

On the Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 at Fox Group, there was a sensational in-house competition called "The Legend of Moonlight" with shimmering moonlight, colorful lanterns throughout the office, and heartfelt messages conveyed through video clips from each team. But what made this spectacular display possible? Join us as we explore the spirits and efforts behind this vibrant picture.

1. Employees Who Embrace Fun

Beyond simply working together, they are individuals who go all out, playing with all their heart to create a friendly and joyful environment. It all starts with their active participation in decorating the workspace and even handcrafting items like cutting and pasting, coloring, and more. Their creativity and passion have turned Fox into a place brimming with colors.


2. Worthy Rewards

We always demonstrate incredible investment and respect for every individual in the company. The Fox Group invests costs and time to create attractive rewards for the in-house competition, with the aim of nurturing an increasingly robust internal culture. Above all, we understand that this not only fosters competition but also signifies the emotional bond within the organization.


3. Hidden Creative Abilities

While the logistics industry may seem dry, here, the hidden creative abilities of everyone are encouraged and developed. The Mid-Autumn Festival provides an opportunity for them to showcase their creativity through lantern design and decoration. The diversity in ideas and styles has contributed to the uniqueness and excitement of each product.


Among all these factors, the most important is the spirit of unity and dedication. We hope this year's Mid-Autumn Festival has played a part in making our employees feel like part of the Fox family. The warm atmosphere we have right now has been built with love and the spirit of unity from every one of us.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2023!

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