Inland  transportwe can arrange your every inland transport need by plane, by ship, by truck, by rail and by barge to all over Vietnam.


Warehousing and storage: with our professional partners, we can provide you with cost saving and safe warehousing and storage for your cargoes, from normal dry cargoes like agriculture products, garment, furniture to perishable cargoes like seafood and fruits.


Customs brokerage: with our experienced staff, we will consult you with appropriate declaration of Goods for official purposes and help you to quicken the customs procedure. Efficiency, security and accuracy are commitments from our Customs Staff.


Packaging and Labelling: we provide carton packaging and cargo labelling with loading optimization, ensuring that your cargoes will be delivered smoothly and safely. We also provide kraft paper, tally, dry bag and silicagel service for agricultures hipments.

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