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Expanding Vietnamese lychee exports to Thailand

26/06/2024 15:52

From mid-June to early July, at 32 Tops Food Hall and Tops Market stores across Thailand, an event to promote lychee from Vietnam took place.

The fabric is popular with consumers in Thailand. Source: Internet

This is the 7th consecutive year that Tops has promoted Vietnamese lychee in Thailand.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Thailand, Pham Viet Hung said that Vietnam and Thailand are major trading partners, so facilitating Vietnam's exports to Thailand is very important. Accordingly, towards the goal of bringing two-way trade turnover to 25 billion USD by 2025 according to the agreement of the leaders of the two countries.

The event to promote lychee from Vietnam shows the efforts of Central Retail and Vietnamese agencies in promoting Vietnamese products in the Thai market. Thereby contributing to increasing the export of Vietnamese goods to Thailand.

Ms. Jariya Chirathivat, Deputy General Director of Operations and Business Development of Central Group, said that this year, due to the unfavorable weather, the output of lychee in Bac Giang province decreased sharply, causing the purchase price of lychee to increase, and logistics costs also increased. However, in order to maintain the promotion of Vietnamese lychee and create confidence for Thai consumers, Central Retail Group strives to keep the selling price not too different from last year.


High-quality main-season lychees are promoted to Thai consumers. Source: Internet

Specifically, with a selling price of 399 baht/kg, Vietnamese lychee is promoted to 299 baht/kg (equivalent to 200,000 VND/kg). Thereby, so that Thai consumers can easily shop and actively support Vietnamese fabrics.

Mr. Paul Le, Vice Chairman of Central Retail Group in Vietnam, said that in order to successfully export Bac Giang lychee to the Thai market, the group selects the best quality lychees. Then adjust the packaging and refrigeration specifications to be the most suitable for export.

With the management of cold storage and packaging increasingly improved, Vietnamese lychee will soon be exported to many countries around the world.

"In the Thai market, continuously from 2017 to now, Central Retail has successfully exported many batches of Vietnamese lychee to Thailand. Thai consumers now often wait for Vietnamese lychee in season to enjoy the best quality fabric in the world",  Mr. Paul Le shared.


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