In the face of growing competition, FOX is providing phenomenal door-to door service to the clients with a variety of needs through a wealth of experience over the years.

With good contract to key airlines operating in Vietnam, we can offer world class service at most competitive rates to our partners and customers.

Service Boundary

      → Deliver your cargo in a timely manner
                   •  Strategic partnership with major airlines guaranteeing timeliness of delivery

      → Special Cargo Handling service

                   •  Specialized in live animal, perishable cargo, medical cargo, foods

                   •  Safe and sensitive handling by IATA regulation and exclusive technique

                   •  Dangerous cargo

                   •  Providing Specialized service from skillfull staffs

      → Chartering service

                   •  Chartering a flight for special cargo

      → Door to Door service

                   •  Total delivery service from A to Z through global networks

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